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Prince Health, LLC Health Care Solutions

Solving the Challenges in a Changing Health Care Environment

Prince Health, LLC works with health care organizations to…

  • Improve Quality Measures

  • Lower Hospital Readmissions

  • Boost Patient Satisfaction and Engagement

  • Advance Healthcare Leadership

  • Enhance Employee Engagement


Engage Patients  | Improve Quality  | Strengthen your Organization  | Boost Financial Success

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Webinar by Larry Prince, Ed.M. on

Engaging Patients for Meaningful Results

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For Health Care Leaders
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Solving Home Care Challenges
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Proven Results


Prince Health was unrelenting in their personal commitment to support our medical center and ensure a successful implementation. They had a clear and compelling vision for heightening nurse engagement with patients and their families. Program measurement proved the program a success.
Rosanne Raso / Cheif Nursing Executive / NYC Medical Center
I believe in Prince Health. It is extremely important to counsel patients so nurse teaching sticks. The Prince Health method for nurse coaching makes a difference.

Dorothy Graham-Hannah / Vice President / Nursing Administration

Center for Leadership in Health Care

Leadership Effectiveness
Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Prince Health will work with you to answer, how to...


  • Engage patients on their terms? 

  • Speak the patient's language? 

  • Involve patient's caregiver?

  • Develop lasting relationship with your patients?


Prince Health will work with you to ensure the approach your health care professionals take to engage patients and their caregivers are consistent with the best practices used in consumer marketing -  turning patients into satisfied customers leading to an increase in patient satisfaction (CAHPS). Advancing the patient experience has a direct connection to boosting customer loyalty, improving employee satisfaction and increasing your bottom line. 


We will customize our proven teaching methods to fit your organization's needs and that of the patients you serve. Prince Health integrates the best of behavioral health coaching, customer engagement, and health literacy into a simple approach to teach your professionals and implement collaboratively with patients. 

Prince Health - Meaningful Outcomes - Ca

Caregiver Engagement

Studies show that eighty percent of the time where we see strong adherence to positive health change and taking medicine, there is a person - family, friend or caregiver - ready to provide support. Adherence and positive health change jumps when a person knows his or her support system is "with them" and "for them."


At Prince Health, we will work with you to adapt our core teaching principles to fit the needs of caregivers and aligning patient needs to caregiver support. This alignment is critical to ensure the caregiver is providing support in a fashion the patient needs and desires. 


Caregiver support is more important than ever, considering states are adopting "Caregiver Counseling" laws and mandates. 

Caregiver Engagemet

Communication Tools

Despite your best effort and techniques for teaching patients to take "ownership" for their health, patients require more to ensure your good work sticks once the patient is on his or her own. Studies show the importance for patients to write, in their own words, their personal goals and commitments for positive health change.


At Prince Health, we customize an innovative yet simple tool, Compli-Guide™, that will support your teaching and coaching while providing a means for patients to take control of their health. Our tools are like having you present with the patient or their caregiver even when you are not with them. 


Each Compli-Guide™ health-goal tools is customized to meet the specifc needs of your institution and the patients you serve. With guidance of the health care professional, patients are responsible for recording in writing their own goals and plans for making positive health change and adhering to medicine. On the back side of the guide is room for the patient (and caregiver) to track progress and record success. 


We'll design the Compli-Guide™ tools with your institution's logo to strengthen your brand image. ​

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Communication Tools
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