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The Learning Leader

An old expression rings true today: “Knowledge begets confidence.” The more

we know, the more confident we are. This applies to leadership, as well:

Learning begets leadership. The confidence people place in you as a

leader, in part, is based on what you know - and what you ASK. Great leaders

are continuous learners.

As a leader, how do you build knowledge? Let’s take a look at these five


The Prince Health Leadership Learning Test

As a leader, if you can answer all five questions, you possess the insight and

action necessary to create a culture of learning for your organization:

1) “What do you learn from your people?” The most powerful way to

learn is to ASK. Leaders in strong learning organizations ask their people

meaningful questions to understand their challenges and ideas and to learn new

ways to solve problems and to develop solutions. The “ASK Leader” sends a

powerful message – employees’ opinions matter. Great organizations build

learning from the ground up.

2) “What do you study?” An old friend taught me that it’s not what you

choose to read, but what you choose to study. Challenge yourself to move

information into knowledge – which is defined as information that is actionable

and that helps the organization solve problems and achieve shared goals.

3) “What do you immerse yourself in?” Effective learning leaders

recognize that the best means to move information to knowledge is through

immersion learning. Rally your teams to seek knowledge by learning new and

better ways of solving today’s problems - and to achieve shared business

objectives in a short period of time. Think about the urgency of team learning

necessary to save the astronauts in the Apollo 13 spacecraft.

4) “What do you teach?” The learning leader knows the best way to teach

is to ASK. Set your people up for success by helping them solve their own

problems. First ask questions, and then help your people close the learning gap

by sharing knowledge.

5) “Do you reward learning?” Ask yourself how effectively you recognize

and reward people and teams for learning new ways of achieving success. Who

is your organization’s Learner of the Month?

Use this simple five-question test to ensure that you are developing

a culture of learning – that leads to tangible results

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