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Maximize brand value by maximizing patient adherence to your brand


With our experience as leaders in pharmaceutical medical marketing, communications and behavioral science, we tailor adherence solutions to advance your brand mission. Prince Health™ creative and interactive programs are designed to engage patients within those first critical 30 days of treatment, so vital to long-term success. We incorporate proven methods of behavioral science into our TouchPoints™ approach and Compli-Guide™ medicine guides. Med-Revu will also consult with you to ensure your current programs are connecting with patients in a language they understand. 


How effective are your current adherence solutions?


Ask yourself:

  • How effectively are you connecting with patients, in simple language that they understand?

  • Are patients setting personal short-term goals for their treatment?

  • Do patients involve their friends and family to provide necessary emotional support?

  • Are patients involved each day, in recording and tracking progress?

  • How encouraging and patient-friendly are your reminders?


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Contact us - to stop revenue loss caused by poor adherence!

"I can bring the medicine guide to my pharmacist to review"

- Patient Quote

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