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Patient Engagement

Turning Patients into Satisfied Customers

Prince Health will work with you to answer, how to...


  • Engage patients on their terms? 

  • Speak the patient's language? 

  • Involve patient's caregiver?

  • Develop lasting relationship with your patients?


Prince Health will work with you to ensure the approach your health care professionals take to engage patients and their caregivers are consistent with the best practices used in consumer marketing -  turning patients into satisfied customers leading to an increase in patient satisfaction (CAHPS). Advancing the patient experience has a direct connection to boosting customer loyalty, improving employee satisfaction and increasing your bottom line. 


We will customize our proven teaching methods to fit your organization's needs and that of the patients you serve. Prince Health integrates the best of behavioral health coaching, customer engagement and health literacy into a simple approach to teach your professionals and implement collaboratively with patients. 


Contact us to receive copies of our case studies. 

"If I initially show patients that I care about them and by asking them questions to learn what is important in their lives, patients are more likely to trust me; making it easier for me to help them adhere to taking their medicine."
     - April Mills, Home Health RN
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