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Our Mission

Maximize your Organization's Success


At Prince Health, we possess a simple mission - to help organizations achieve stronger and more sustained results. 

Prince Leadership

We are deeply rooted in helping organizations to achieve success through strong, purpose-driven leadership. The aim is to help clients anticipate, plan and to lead through change. The end result is a highly engaged staff and sustained value-based results.

Prince Health

Our mission is helping you turn patients into satisfied customers. We work with health care business to heighten outcomes, boost patient satisfaction and improve financial outcomes.  


Motivating patients is no easy task. Prince Health takes a unique approach, weaving together best practices from the fields of health coaching, communications and behavioral science creating our teaching platform and Compli-Guides™ communications tools.


Contact us to receive copies of our proof-of-concept case studies. 



"Prince Health has a clear
and compelling vision
for heightening nurse engagement with patients
and their families." 
     - CNO, NYC Medical Center
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