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How We Do It

American Red Cross founder and Civil War battlefield nurse, Clara Barton, once said: "I go for anything new that might improve the past."

Change is challenging, for everyone in an organization – and for both leaders and staff. Studies show that management development and strong leadership are core elements to achieve business success and to manage change within an organization. In the face of business uncertainty and health care reform, resistance to change is becoming more prevalent – and is having a greater effect on the financial health of even the largest organizations.


Employees often perceive change as a negative event, certainly a common human reaction. At PrinceHealth, we know how disruptive managing change – and perceptions of change - can be, and we know how to work with you, to build your leaders’ ability to create a purposeful culture that supports staff acceptance of and commitment to change.


Helping your management build leadership command improves employee satisfaction – and studies show that this leads to greater patient engagement and improved outcomes. You’ll reach this goal, through the PrinceLeadership customized solutions and workshops - designed to strengthen your leadership. We’ll help you:

  • Identify and Address Communications Breakdowns between Teams and Departments

  • Anticipate, Plan and Lead through Change

  • Lead with Purpose and Mindfulness

  • Manage Performance: Motivate and Coach Employees including Holding Tough Talks

  • Understand how to Integrate New Technologies

  • “Hire Well and Live Well” - a robust learning approach and assessment tools to enhance interviewing skills and hiring decisions

  • Learn Executive Coaching and Mentoring Methods Vital for Sustained Success


These different approaches are designed to advance the development and effectiveness of management teams. PrinceLeadership uses interactive techniques including case studies, leadership gap assessments, immersion learning and long-term professional development.


PrinceLeadership helped Lenox Hill Hospital lower readmission rates by 50% in patients with heart failure, click here to read how. 

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