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How Important are Boosting Patient Satisfaction and Reducing 30-day Readmission Rates?


Our goal, at Prince Health, Inc., is to help your organization boost patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) and reduce 30-day readmission rates - two areas that are top priorities for hospital executives. 


Patient change in behavior and adherence to medicine, once at home, hinges on the nurse-patient relationship. Studies reveal that nurse teaching touch points are the “critical moments” necessary to achieve the level of patient satisfaction and reduction in readmissions you seek.


In response to this insight, Prince Health has developed a unique and innovative solution that puts the nurse-patient relationship at its center.  Our simple methods for teaching health coaching and advanced communications skills (e.g., teach-back) to health care professionals have proven to lead to greater patient clarity, confidence and adherence to discharge planning instructions and for taking medicine.


We will customize our core approach or consult to help you develop your own initiatives.

Contact us to receive copies of our proof-of-concept case studies.  






“Prince Health was unrelenting in their personal commitment to support Lenox Hill and ensure a successful implementation. Program measurement proved the pilot a success.”
     - Chief Nursing Executive, Lenox Hill Hospital
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