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Your Organization has a Serious Financial Problem -    due to the Declining Health of your Employees


Prince Health Focuses on the HEALTH - of your Employees, Culture and Bottom-line!


Despite your best effort to improve the health of your employees, results are not meeting expectations, leading to a financial loss of investment. Key insight:   

  • Only 2% of corporations employing wellness programs have been able to show significant return on investment.

  • Studies show that 25% of employer healthcare costs is related to employees not taking medicine.


Employees who do not engage in healthy practices or who do not adhere to prescribed medicine are absent more often and are less productive at work –  leading to a striking increase in costs to the employer.


The Reason:

Employees, are not, on their own, making the link between identified health needs (from their health risk assessment) and the development of a personal health action plan. This lack of connection leads to poor return on wellness investment.


The Prince Health Solution:

Prince Health will help your employees link their desire for health change to the development of a committed plan to make that change. Health coaching facilitates and activates employee commitment to set personal goals and institute methods for successful healthy action, including adhering to medicine.


We will customize a program that helps your employees make healthy behavioral choices. Programs can be generalized or targeted, such as for: work-life balance, weight loss, exercise, women’s health, men’s health and increasing adherence to medicine. The goal is to create an enhanced environment for healthy employee engagement, reduce absenteeism and lower healthcare costs.



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"The Work-life Balance Behavinar will help employees be their best at home and at work."

- Larry Prince, President, Med-Revu

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