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Communications Tools

Despite your best effort and techniques for teaching patients to take "ownership" for their health, patients require more to ensure your good work sticks once the patient is on his or her own. Studies show the importance for patients to write, in their own words, their personal goals and commitments for positive health change.


At Prince Health, we customize an innovative yet simple tool, Compli-Guide™, that will support your teaching and coaching while providing a means for patients to take control of their health. Our tools are like having you present with the patient or their caregiver even when you are not with them. 


Each Compli-Guide™ health-goal tools is customized to meet the specifc needs of your institution and the patients you serve. With guidance of the health care professional, patients are responsible for recording in writing their own goals and plans for making positive health change and adhering to medicine. On the back side of the guide is room for the patient (and caregiver) to track progress and record success. 


We'll design the Compli-Guide™ tools with your institution's logo to strengthen your brand image. 


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