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Caregiver Engagement

Studies show that eighty percent of the time where we see strong adherence to positive health change and taking medicine, there is a person - family, friend or caregiver - ready to provide support. Adherence and positive health change jumps when a person knows his or her support system is "with them" and "for them."


At Prince Health, we will work with you to adapt our core teaching principles to fit the needs of caregivers and aligning patient needs to caregiver support. This alignment is critical to ensure the caregiver is providing support in a fashion the patient needs and desires. 


Caregiver support is more important than ever, considering states are adapting "Caregiver Counseling" laws and mandates. 



Contact us to receive copies of our proof-of-concept case studies. 


Prince Health emphasizes the importance of counseling the caregiver(s)—including the action the caregiver needs to take to support the patient"
- Susan Friedman, RN,
Director Nurse     Education, Prince Health
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