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Accountable Care Organizations

How Important are Reducing Hospital Admission Rates and Improving Patient Satisfaction?


Our aim, at Prince Health, Inc., is to help ACOs decrease admission rates, achieve quality measures, reduce health care expenditures and heighten patient satisfaction. Our focus is teaching nurses and allied health professionals advanced communications and health coaching skills. This leads to greater patient empowerment and literacy for taking ownership of their health and managing chronic disease. 


It is established that the key to patient success hinges on the nurse to patient relationship. Studies reveal that nurse teaching touch points are the “critical moments” necessary to achieve the level of patient care and reduction in admissions your organization seeks. This includes ancillary personnel who support the patient counseling function, such as patient coordinators, health coaches, diabetic educators and social workers. 


Our simple methods for health coaching have proven to lead to greater patient clarity, confidence and adherence for taking medicine and making positive health change. We will customize our core approach or consult to help you develop your own initiatives. 


Contact us to receive copies of our case studies. 

“I now walk into the patient’s room with a plan to guide the patient toward ownership of their health”

- Nurse and Med-Revu Trained Participant

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