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What We Do

Prince Health was unrelenting in their personal commitment to support our medical center and ensure a successful implementation. They had a clear and compelling vision for heightening nurse engagement with patients and their families. Program measurement proved the program a success.

Rosanne Raso,

Chief Nursing Executive, NYC Medical Center

I believe in Prince Health. It is extremely important to counsel patients so nurse teaching sticks when patients get home. The Prince Health method for nurse coaching is making a difference.

Dorothy Graham-Hannah,

Vice President, Nursing Administration

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Prince Health provides leadership insight to ensure department heads are creating the environment and focus necessary to achieve our goals.

Nurse Leader

Lenox Hill Hospital

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Prince Outcomes will help you engage patients, who will become satisfied customers. This, in turn, allows healthcare business to improve quality and patient outcomes, boost patient satisfaction scores - and your financial outcomes, with it. Improving clinical outcomes and boosting employee engagement are two of our specific areas of focus. 

We'll Maximize Your Organization's Success... helping you achieve stronger and more sustained results, through Strong Leadership, Change Management, Skilled Communications, Quality Initiatives, Employee Engagement and Stakeholder Solutions. 


Prince Leadership will help you establish strong, purpose-driven leadership that can anticipate, plan and to lead through change. A highly engaged staff will more effectively manage performance and build stronger leadership teams. PrinceHealth will also help you solve specific challenges, between stakeholder groups, leading to better goal alignment and mutual accountability in implementing your action plans.

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